Reduced network costs; predictable network expenses

Small businesses typically spend $5,000 to $8,000 for their initial server set up … and then they cross their fingers that everything goes well.  When something does go wrong – and it will – there are expensive repair or replacement costs and the inconvenience of network downtime that can last days or weeks … and then there are the expensive licensing costs for Microsoft servers and Client Access Licenses (CALSs).

Eterna Systems replaces all of these high and unpredictable network expenses with one low monthly subscription based on the size of your business and the services used.  Contact us for a quote.

Proactive network management

IT professionals actively monitor your network 24/7.  If ever there is a problem, chances are that we know about it even before you do and we'll already be on it.

Up-to-date equipment – malware & virus free

As an Eterna Systems client, you can forget about updating your server or stressing over whether you have downloaded the latest versions of virus and malware protection software. Eterna Systems keeps your IT environment evergreen and up to date so you only have to think about your end user devices such as computers, printers and smart phones.

Easy file sharing

With all of your employees are on the same network, file sharing is easy.  Whether your employees are in the same room or on opposite sides of the world, they can share files effortlessly and securely thereby increasing their productivity.  No more copying files to a USB drive or dealing with the frustrations of sending large files via email.

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery? More like Disaster Avoidance! Eterna Systems makes sure your data is always protected and accessible, even in the unlikely event of a total disaster. Your data is not only local and at your fingertips with the Eterna Gateway, it is also protected in a professional data center.  If anything happens you can access your data and hosted systems from anywhere in the world though an Internet connection.

Unlike typical on-line backup or vaulting services, we have you covered with multiple copies of every critical file you need to keep your business going.  We take snapshots of your data so even if you accidentally delete a file we still have it for you. No more lost files!

Yet another benefit of Eterna over other providers is that we store your infrastructure not just your data. We provide redundancy for your organizational data and make it available to you to ensure that your environment, users and passwords are never lost and we can make your entire IT organization whole after a disaster. If a catastrophic event were to affect your device, your entire office ... or even your entire town, you can rest easy knowing that your complete business network is immediately recoverable through Internet access.

Security at all stages

We take your security and your privacy very seriously. We monitor your network, NOT your personal business. Your back-ups are maintained off-site on our servers as well as yours, to which only you have access.  Your data is transmitted from your business to the Eterna data centers via a secure, encrypted Internet connection (IPsec tunnel).  When you access your network from outside your office you do so via a secure Virtual Private Network.

Network scalability

Your services are completely scalable.  As your business grows, we keep up with your infrastructure needs so you don't experience the expense, down time and hassle typically associated with  expansion.



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